Seniors Pickleball at LC2 start Tues 10th Jan at 1pm

Pickleball is a game that has exploded across the USA amongst senior in recent years. The combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton, reformatted to a low impact but competitive recreational sport, has seen the game’s growth turn it into a celebrity endorsed TV spectaculars, a must have architectural feature in leisure centres, holiday resorts and seniors’ villages.
The appeal is how easy it is to play. Rules have been defined to make the game appealing to all ages, fitness levels and genders… Swansea U3A pickleball is a 50-50 split men and women, the eldest being an 84 year old gent, Brian, now a regular, who played his first game in October 2022 and he’s a demon server.

Following the introduction of pickleball to the Swansea U3A group, Frenz Pickleball has been set up to bring the game to a wider Swansea area audience. Over 55’s can come along to LC2 on Oystermouth Rd for an induction session on Tuesdays at 1pm, starting 10th January, then following Tuesdays.
All equipment is provided and a qualified pickleball leader will introduce people to the game in an initial 1 hour session.
Fridays see 2 hour skills and playing sessions, starting at 12 noon.
Just show up, wear suitable footwear and experience the fun, health benefits and social aspects that pickleball provides.

The induction is £5 for the hour and the Friday 2 hour sessions are £6

To see what Pickleball is about, take a look at the Frenz Pickleball Facebook page

Frenz Pickleball look forward to see you pickling in 2023.

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