Beauty, Hair and Health in Swansea

A nice visit to the spa Is a vital part of everyone’s vacation. Not only is it good for your body, but when you go to a spa centre that has everything you need you will feel completely refreshed and harmonized. Swansea has great spa centres and by visiting them you will have had a unforgettable time in the city.

Elexa Elegance BeautyIs

Elexa Elegance BeautyIs in Swansea

We pride ourselves in our large variety of affordable beauty, spa, cosmetic and relaxation treatments, providing you with a unique high quality personal service in a calming 'Spa feel' salon environment.
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Lazy Frog Floatation Centre

Lazy Frog Floatation Centre in Swansea

We at Lazy Frog have been lucky to team up with a number of highly qualified professionals who offer a variety of treatments. These include: Counselling, Cosmetic medicine & body contouring, Physiotherapy, Sports massage and more.
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Masaai Wellness

Masaai Wellness in Swansea

This is the Ancient African massage for general well -being. This Massage is based on the belief system of inter connecting the mind body and spirit.
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