Harvester announces return of self serve salad bar – but not everyone is happy about it

Harvester has announced it is welcoming back their popular self-serve salad bar. The British restaurant chain, which has more than 220 restaurants all over the UK including 11 in Wales, had to temporarily ditch the self-serving bar due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The restaurant chain, which is owned by Mitchell & Butlers, is known for offering a casual and affordable dining for customers. Over the years, its biggest selling point has been its self serve bar where customers can load up on an unlimited amount of free salad, pasta, bread and sauces when buying a main meal.

However when Harvester was able to re-open during the pandemic, they had to follow certain Covid-19 restrictions that would limit contact in the restaurant. This meant that diners had to tell a member of staff what they wanted from the bar rather than help themselves. Last month, it was reported that Harvester was going to ditch the self service bar for good.

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But on Monday, the restaurant company announced that the self-serve salad bar had returned. In a post on their Facebook page, the business wrote: “Say welcome back to our self-serve salad bar…. It’s unique, and so are you – so get serving yourself”.

In response, diners shared their mixed opinions about the announcement. One diner called Kevin Hailstone said: “Finally. Now we will be returning. Thank you for finally listening to the vast majority of your staff and customers.”

The British restaurant chain, which has over 220 restaurants all over the UK, including 11 in Wales

Kayleigh Clemson replied with: “Finally, now I can grab my bowl of blue cheese sauce and crispy onions (to dip my chips in) without feeling judged”. Isha Brown said: “Glad this is back, just shows there’s no point in changing something that is so popular.”

But not everyone was happy with the announcement. In response to the announcement, Donna Griffiths said: “I prefer it to still be served for me, far more hygienic”. Dave Cullen agreed and said: “I actually preferred it being served to me, it was way more hygienic. Nothing to do with Covid, it’s just a preference I had.”


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