Excitement as famous Australian biscuit launches in UK for first time

For the first time, Tim Tams, a beloved Australian chocolate biscuit, is launching in UK supermarkets. They’re sometimes called “Aussie gold” because people love them so much. The biscuits were invented by Arnott’s, an Australian company, back in 1964 and they were actually inspired by British Penguin biscuits!

Each biscuit is filled with chocolate cream and sandwiched between two tasty pieces of chocolate biscuit. Many people in Britain have been hoping for this moment – to be able to try these yummy biscuits. People on social media can’t hide their excitement, the Sun reported.

One person said: “About bloody time.” Another simply cheered: “Yayyyy! ” Someone else remarked: “Get ready ladies! ” and another post read: “This is very exciting! “.

Waitrose and Ocado are selling these scrummy biscuits in three flavours: Original, Dark and Chewy Caramel. Each pack costs £2.50.

Rebecca Chan, who works for Tim Tam, told us they’ll soon be available in other shops too. She said: “Whilst Tim Tam is Australia’s favourite chocolaty biscuit, we know how loved this delicious biscuit is around the world, and is now directly available in the UK for consumers to enjoy as a special treat or when catching up with family and friends.”

UK shoppers are super excited about Australian treats popping up in stores. Last November, they were thrilled to find a Cadbury selection box with Aussie chocolates that you can’t usually buy in the UK.

Inside, there were white chocolate Freddos, Scorched Peanut Bars, Snickers Butterscotch, Caramilk Twirls and regular Dairy Milk bars. Earlier this year, people were saying “it’s a party in my mouth” when B&M started selling a new M&M flavour from Australia.

B&M has the Mocha Mudcake M&Ms that first came out in Australia last July. Now you can get them in B&M and everyone wants to try them.

An Instagram page called Newfoodfindsuk showed a picture of the M&Ms and nearly 150 people liked it. There are also new Cadbury Twirl Bites in Caramilk and strawberry flavours that came out last year.

Shoppers spotted these special “Aus Twirl” chocolates in B&M. And for those who love old-school snacks, some classic favourites are back on sale.

Lots of us have a chocolate bar or crisp we miss and wish would come back – and now some have. Aldi made biscuit fans very happy by bringing back Elkes Sports Shortcake biscuits.

Cadbury’s famous gold coins came back to the supermarket shelves last September. Nestle brought back the Quality Street fan favourite for Christmas last year.

The Hazelnut KitKat Chunky has come back to the shelves after three years and shoppers can’t get enough of it. Plus, Morrisons started stocking Marmite crisps in February this year after Walkers announced it would be discontinuing the flavour.

Biscuit lovers were happy at the return of the McVities white chocolate biscuit after almost 20 years.

The tea-break favourite was last seen on the shelves as a limited edition in 2005 and made its return in July last year. Elsewhere, Happy Faces were axed around 2015 and were spotted back on the shelves last year.

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