The Gower reclamation business saving rare and unusual items bought by everyone from Netflix and Disney to the Beckhams

You probably wouldn’t notice it on a quiet Gower trading estate, but it’s got its fans.

Just ask the Beckhams.

Ever since the seventies Les Hopkins and his father have been visiting empty churches, houses and other properties to help the owners clear them out.

And it’s made for some interesting finds.

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Les Hopkins with church chairs from Gower Reclamations
(Image: Adrian White Photography)
Stall holder Mike Venus who sells collectable glassware and vintage clothing at Gower Reclamation Crofty.
(Image: Adrian White Photography)

“People just throw away a lot of stuff and we realised there were people who could buy it,” said Les.

“We go all over – we don’t have to go looking because people come to us.

“There’s not many places that do reclamations in Wales. These days it’s mainly churches that we do. And people come to us”.

Those people include David and Victoria Beckham, who sought out Gower Reclamations when they needed chapel chairs to create a ‘church’ in the grounds of ‘Beckingham Palace’.

If you need a life sized plastic butcher…
(Image: Adrian White Photography)
You can find things you didn’t know you wanted to find at Gower Reclamations
(Image: Adrian White Photography)
Les Hopkins owner of Gower Reclamation Crofty
(Image: Adrian White Photography)

You’ll also notice pews the business has unearthed on Netflix’s The Wedding Seasons.

And they all come via an unassuming unit in Crofty on Gower.

“We were first based in Swansea ‘s marina, and then we moved to Fforestfach,” said Les.

“I’d done a number of businesses before but I took it over in the early 80s.

“These days it’s mostly churches we go to but we’ll go anywhere.

“We supply anyone – it is interesting you get people like the Beckhams and Netflix and Disney coming to you”.

If you need a piano harp, head to Gower
(Image: Adrian White Photography)
The business also hosts a monthly craft fare
(Image: Adrian White Photography)
(Image: Adrian White Photography)

If you walk through the unit, there’s no saying what you might find.

Church pews, a life-sized plastic butcher, 70s board games, an antique piano harp, a metallic dragon.

The business also hosts a monthly craft market, showcasing the talents of local artists.

“It’s just what we do. There is so much local talent, and so many interesting finds,” said Les.

“And you never know what will turn up”.

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