New look revealed for Swansea prom with hammocks and climbing walls

Swansea promenade is having a brand new modern look with new sea defences and more opportunities for play and relaxation.

The detailed proposals for the new sea defences will help protect Mumbles for decades to come and will protect the community against flooding and rising tides.

The enhanced coastal defences are needed due to climate change and wear and tear on the existing Victorian structure.

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The scheme will protect homes and businesses, maintain sea views from the prom, widen the prom to create new space for pedestrians and cyclists, maintain most car parking in the area, protect existing trees and introduce more trees and greenery.

Southend Gardens in the new proposals
(Image: Swansea council)
Southend lipway now
(Image: Swansea council)

Swansea Council said that without new sea defences, the risk of flooding for householders and businesses will keep on rising.

As a result, the council and consultants Amey drew up a scheme for the 1.2km stretch of defences from the Oystermouth Square car park to the slipway in front of The Pilot pub, near Verdi’s.

Council’s cabinet member Mark Thomas said: “We’ve listened to the public, business and others such as Mumbles Community Council – and we’d now like their feedback on the exciting detailed proposals we have.

“We need to preserve homes businesses and facilities on Mumbles seafront for future generations and that’s what the improved sea defences will do.

“The prom – which lies between the defences’ primary and secondary walls – looks tired right now so we’re taking the opportunity to freshen it up and make the community an even greater attraction than it is now.”

Proposed plans for Oyster Wharf
(Image: Swansea council)

A so-called “public engagement” exercise on the initial ideas was held this summer and feedback from the public, organisations and others helped the council draw up detailed proposals.

The public and key organisations can now have their say in a formal process known as a pre-application consultation. This proposal will be improved with the public feedback then go through a formal planning process which will offer a further chance for the public to have their say.

(Image: Swansea council)

Cllr Thomas said: “It’s an exciting plan with important twin aims of protecting Mumbles and improving it as a destination. The aim is to be sensitive to Mumbles as a seaside visitor destination while protecting people and property.

“In line with the public’s wishes, it will reflect the area’s heritage and culture, will improve biodiversity and will allow cyclists and pedestrians to use the same exceptional prom space – and share with care.

“There’ll be improved lighting, more litter bins, more seating – and quality materials will be used.

“It’ll make pedestrian links between the prom and Mumbles Road businesses much better.

“Separately, we’ll take a close look at how Mumbles Road can be made safer – and that may include a cycling route for those who wish to reach their destination quickly.”

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