Man trading sexual favours for alcohol ‘murdered pensioner’, trial told

A man “desperate for alcohol” went to a pensioner’s home to trade sexual favours for drink before killing him in a “brutal murder,” a court has been told.

The body of 76-year-old David Phillips was found at his home in Lime Grove in Cimla, Neath, on February 14, 2019. Thomas Carney, 29, of Llys Dur in Morriston, Swansea, is accused of murdering the pensioner, which he denies.

Opening the case to a jury on Monday prosecutor Patrick Harrington QC said: “On Thursday, February 14, 2019 – almost two years ago now – a brutal murder took place in the Cimla area of Neath when this defendant, Thomas Carney, attacked and killed a man by the name of David Phillips.

“The defendant was not an intruder in the home of Mr Phillips… Because he was desperate for alcohol he went there to exchange favours of a sexual nature for drink.”

The prosecutor said the pair spent the evening drinking together at Mr Phillips’ flat but Carney temporarily left before returning and smashing his way through the front door in a “violent rage”. The court heard it’s thought he broke through the door using a concrete garden ornament.

“The savagery that followed was almost unbelievable,” said Mr Harrington. He told the court how an eyewitness described seeing Carney jumping up and down on Mr Phillips’ head in what the barrister said was an act of “pure rage”.

He told the jury Mr Phillips’ neighbour Eleri Davies described how she had been at home on the night in question when she heard “very loud banging” described as sounding like a “ram raid”. She approached her neighbour’s flat and through the front room window saw an “horrific attack” taking place.

Mr Harrington said: “She saw the defendant going mad. She saw him throwing an item of furniture. She saw him repeatedly stamping down – what he was stamping on was Mr Phillips’ head. He repeatedly jumped up and down and simultaneously stamped with both feet.

“Her words were: ‘He is pulverising him’. He appeared to her he must have been on something – it was pure rage.”

Carney’s trial at Swansea Crown Court, which is before Judge Paul Thomas QC and is expected to last three weeks, continues.

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